Why is customer experience important?

E-commerce has drastically changed the way consumers shop. In the past, people had to physically go to retail shops that took time and effort. However, with the influx of smartphones and technology evolution, we are now one-click away from buying anything. Knowing that, it is evident that customer behaviour has drastically changed over the years and it is still changing.

While quality and price are important factors for customers, they are not enough for customer retention. Today, there are numerous e-commerce sites offering almost everything people need with competitive prices and product characteristics. That is why buyers now consider the overall customer experience when choosing an e-commerce site. According to New Voice Media, after just one negative experience, the majority or 51% of customers will never do business with the company again. It is now necessary for companies to take a closer look at what kind of shopping experience customers want and build a winning strategy from that.

What kind of experience do customers look for?

There are several aspects that make a good shopping experience for customers.

Here we are going to look and speculate the three important ones. 

Timely Delivery

Considering that e-commerce websites are global and consumers do not limit the search and buying to local sites, one important factor is delivery times. Customers expect the most immediate delivery after they buy something regardless of where in the world the product is coming from. 

Smooth Navigation

Another important factor they evaluate is definitely the efficiency of the web page or mobile application and especially the loading times. If the navigation is not smooth and the process of buying on the site/app is difficult, buyers tend to leave the site and abandon the shopping cart. Status Lab stated that almost 30% of mobile shoppers will abandon their purchase if the shopping experience is not optimized for mobile devices. 


The last but an important factor is User personalisation. Looking at recent research, this factor seems to be the most frequent as customers now expect businesses to know already what they look for in advance, or suggest products according to their needs and taste. It is important to find ways to have more data about customers and analyse it to have more information and a deeper understanding to then create a more personalised buying experience. An example of successful personalisation is Amazon, by analysing all the data and using behavioural targeting and personalisation, they saw 44% increase in conversion thanks to those machine learning enabled personalisation techniques like recommendations.

Give customers what they want

Understanding customers is fundamental to develop a strategy aimed at improving your business and making it more successful. With innovative solutions anything is possible!

Here, we are going to focus on one of the most important  factors customers look for in their buying experience, which is personalisation.

Recent hardware advancement in computation and  state-of-art research in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented reality are now driving force in User personalisation turning user data into actionable insights. For eg, with Automated catalogue tagging and Visual Search, customers get exactly what they are looking for, and moreover, those would also give you insights on customers’ preferences and current trends. These insights can drive informed decision making , fashion trends in making as well as curated promotional emails that actually convert.

In conclusion, understanding customer’s needs to improve buying experience driven by personalization is the key, essentially now with all the competition in e-commerce and apparel industry. Adoption of such solutions for product discovery and personalization not only drives more conversion, it also gives you an edge over your competitors to drive more traffic.

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