Black Friday and Social Distancing? AI to rescue!

In a few weeks time, the biggest shopping holiday will arrive. However, due to the coronavirus, retailers have decided to provide safer options and introduce the discounts and promotional codes online. This year the event will not be held in it’s traditional manner; and so, you may be wondering how to prepare for this shopping […]

Visual Search | AI

Product Discovery made easy with Visual Search

There are multiple ways to search for a product, and those are text, audio and visual search; and here visual search takes the centre stage.  Have you ever used images to find ideas while shopping online? Have you ever referred to blogs or social media influencers while in-store/online shopping? Have you ever tried searching for […]


Customer Adoptions to Visual AI for online retail

With increase in Internet connectivity, ease of availability and affordability of smart devices, there has been a drastic shift towards online shopping in the past 5 years. This is also attributed to the way technology has evolved to make the customer experience even better from finding products online to seamless payments and Delivery. Technology inclusion […]