With increase in Internet connectivity, ease of availability and affordability of smart devices, there has been a drastic shift towards online shopping in the past 5 years. This is also attributed to the way technology has evolved to make the customer experience even better from finding products online to seamless payments and Delivery.

Technology inclusion at various levels of customer shopping journey including recommendation systems has been successful in driving more traffic and sales, so what next?

Based on the report by e-Marketer, more than 50% of users that once they take a picture, they would like to be given similar product ideas. What they are looking for is a visual search capability, to turn their buying intent from a picture to an identical or similar product match.

As rightly said, a picture is worth a thousand words, visual search makes product discovery more easy and intuitive than text or voice search where customer comprehension of the product is limited. Also, visual search caters to a context that is hard to verbalize or describe in text.   The ease of use with less time and effort spent to accurately discover the product with visual search will drive this adoption. 

Big players like amazon, pinterest and google are there in the space for their visual search use-case. The mainstream Apparel industry still awaits this adoption, although there are several case-studies that suggest improvement in overall sales with inclusion of Visual Search Technology. (Check AI in Fashion E-commerce here)

While there is debate and skepticism  about customer adoptions in the industry, there is also a challenge to build Visual AI technology in-house, with state-of-art accuracy at a stage where it is experimental.This is where Vectorised AI labs comes to the rescue, with plug and play platform for Visual Search Technology, that enables you to easily integrate it and drive more sales and conversions.