In a few weeks time, the biggest shopping holiday will arrive. However, due to the coronavirus, retailers have decided to provide safer options and introduce the discounts and promotional codes online. This year the event will not be held in it’s traditional manner; and so, you may be wondering how to prepare for this shopping festival.

The essential steps would be:

  1. Sign up for the newsletters from your favourite stores
  2. Keep an eye out for the discount codes.
  3. Create a wishlist: Vectorised AI can use your wishlist to show you similar options and customise the website’s homepage to better match your interests.

Looking for a specific outfit? Well look no further! Using the visual search and deep tagging feature, Vectorised AI can help you locate this outfit. Snap a picture of the outfit and upload it onto the app, the visual search feature will help as it will locate this outfit without any hassle. As a retailer your catalogue would be instilled in the application and each item of clothing would be associated with deep tagging, to ensure maximum efficiency of product location.

Every brand instills a tag and text search; however, sometimes this might not be efficient due to them using incorrect tags. Vectorised AI will  proficiently link each tag to the clothes item providing a quick, easy and accurate result. Additionally, deep tagging also increases SEO as each product has a specific link and so while researching, many tags will be incorporated. This feature soccours both the retailers and shoppers by making it a trouble-free shopping experience. By adopting these features, clients can enjoy a personalised shopping experience as the deep tagging mechanism will showcase relevant clothing items.